3 Series


User driven, performance tested.

Fit yourself  with confidence with 3 Series hearing aids. Our most advanced, full line of wireless products, 3 Series enables unprecedented personalization — from fit to features to sound — and delivers the simplicity and dependability that help ensure user satisfaction. At the heart of each 3 Series hearing instrument is BluWave® 3.0, an operating system designed to maximize performance in the challenging environments we deal with today.

3 Series is packed with our industry-leading performance features including the unique benefits of IRIS™ Technology — Binaural Spatial Mapping and completely wireless programming/media streaming.

3 Series hearing aids feature:

Feature Benefit
Bluwave 3.0 Taking advantage of 3 Series’ open architecture, the BluWave 3.0 operating system provides the foundation to run other applications necessary to eliminate noise while characterizing the frequency and intensity of input sources. By providing more accurate control of critical hearing aid parameters, BluWave 3.0 has enabled enhancements to many of our already leading performance features – giving 3 Series hearing aids the ability to more naturally eliminate feedback, deliver optimal performance in noise, and better manage power, telephone performance, directional hearing and data.
Voice iQ2 Our newest version of our revolutionary noise reduction and speech preservation system, Voice iQ² applies variable noise adaptation faster than ever before, providing improved speech clarity, even in the noisiest environments.
InVision Directionality³ InVision Directionality³ has been enhanced to provide smooth and accurate transitions in every environment using dynamic directional switching.
Binaural Spatial Mapping³ Coordinating the digital signal processing algorithms between a patient’s hearing aids is key to listening comfort. Other ear-to-ear protocols force synchronized hearing aid response to match the dominant input. Only Starkey’s Binaural Spatial Mapping³ system intelligently optimizes SNR settings based on estimates from both ears, even if they are asymmetrical.
Synchronized User Adjustments (wireless only) Clinicians can program a single aid to adjust volume or memory for both — eliminating the need to manually change two instruments. Additionally, Binaural Telephone Mode automatically places the phone-side hearing aid to Automatic Telephone Response or Telecoil mode while attenuating the off-side hearing aid.
Spectral iQ A smart solution for patients who have steeply sloping, high-frequency hearing loss, our new frequency lowering technology, Spectral iQ, is designed to enhance real-time audibility by intelligently identifying high-frequency speech cues, then replicating them in lower frequencies. This allows 3 Series to maintain important frequency relationships, retaining the sound quality that comes from harmonic distribution while providing audibility for high-frequency speech cues for patients that may have previously been considered unaidable.
Sound Enhancements We’ve updated our signal processing architecture to enhance the overall sound quality and efficiency of 3 Series, including new vent modeling, automatic vent detection, improved compression and updated e-STAT® targets.
ISO Compression Allows for independent control of soft, moderate and loud level speech, to deliver a more optimized listening experience.
Ergonomic Switch Ideal for wearers with dexterity challenges, this “raised” switch on our standard products makes it easy to control volume and change memories.
iQ Boost (wireless only) Activated via SurfLink® Remote, our iQ Boost feature allows patients to enable aggressive noise reduction while optimizing sound quality in extremely noisy situations.
Self Learning Thanks to Self Learning, 3 Series gradually and automatically learns patient volume control preferences in each active memory, which helps reduce the number of manual control adjustments the patient needs to make.
Swap Fit Our Swap Fit fitting function allows you to transfer patient settings from their current Starkey product to a new one — enabling more time for fine tuning and counseling.
Purewave Feeback Eliminator³ A new initialization protocol provides a more natural approach to combat feedback, identifying, classifying and eliminating annoying whistling and buzzing in all environments. And with 28dB of added stable gain, patients experience feedback-free and comfortable listening no matter what they’re doing.
HydraShield®2 We added advanced oleophobic properties to our HydraShield nanocoating to better protect 3 Series hearing aids from earwax and other oily substances. The result is HydraShield2, a new oleophobic nanocoating that, combined with 3 Series’ unibody construction and smart component placement, makes them more reliable and durable than ever before.
Acoustic Scene Analyzer Based on clinical performance measures and patient-proven results, our industry-leading directional system is designed to perform best in highly complex backgrounds of noise.

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