Every experience enhanced. That’s the Halo Effect.

Life is better with Halo™, the breakthrough hearing aid engineered to connect directly to your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® via our easy-to-use TruLink™ app.

The ideal hearing solution for today is more mobile and plugged-in  — Halo and TruLink deliver new standards of performance and personalization, while providing convenient control and effortless connectivity to the things you care about most.

More information on TruLink technology

TruLink Personal Hearing Control Site

Halo and TruLink deliver what you want:

Feature Benefit
To hear more comfortably in noise Two technologies — Voice iQ² and InVision Directionality³ — work together to reduce noise, preserve speech and make hearing easier in today’s challenging environments.
No buzzing or whistling The PureWave Feedback Eliminator³ provides feedback-free and comfortable listening all day long.
Improved high-frequency audibility Spectral iQ, our patented frequency lowering technology, intelligently identifies high-frequency speech cues and replicates them in lower frequencies where they’re easier to hear and understand.
More nuanced sound quality Knowing that speech is dynamic, our ISO Compression allows for independent control of soft, moderate and loud-level speech to enable a more personalized fitting approach.
Integrated into your life Make volume and memory adjustments with the simple touch of a finger. See how
Enhanced phone communication Direct, Bluetooth® streaming of phone calls from the wearer’s iPhone to their Halo hearing aids enables clear, hands-free conversations.
Great sounding music and media Wearers can stream any music or media played on their iPhone directly to their hearing aids for a more immersive and impressive listening experience.
Hearing that’s personalized for you. The SoundSpace tool on the TruLink app lets you make minor adjustments to sound quality to suit your particular preferences.
Intuitive hearing. Geotagged memories automatically switch modes when iPhone’s GPS feature detects the patient is in a tagged location. (e.g. “Home” memory activates when patient arrives at their home.)
Easy fine-tuning on the fly. The visual indicator bar on the TruLink app provides nearly infinite levels of volume settings.
Reliable, hassle-free hearing aids. HydraShield®2 nano-coating repels both water and wax, while the remote functionality of the iPhone lets patients control and adjust their hearing aids more easily than ever.

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