surflinkCarefree connectivity is here.

Thanks to our innovative SurfLink Accessories – including the new SurfLink Mobile – our wireless hearing aids let patients live life the way they want – no wires attached.

Available Accessories:

Accessory Features

SurfLink Mobile


True hands-free cell phone conversations are here, thanks to our innovative new SurfLink Mobile with JustTalk. This one-of-a-kind device is a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one.

SurfLink Media


Provides patients with the first set-and-forget media streaming solution. Simply plug a TV, radio or MP3 player into SurfLink Media and rich, stereo sound is streamed directly to any SurfLink compatible hearing aids in range without pairing or body-worn relay devices.

SurfLink Programmer


Combined with IRIS™ Technology and Inspire® fitting software, gives you the ultimate speed and flexibility in direct-to-hearing aid wireless programming.

SurfLink Remotes


A solution for patients who prefer a remote control to adjust their hearing aids. In addition to controlling memory and volume adjustments, these handy remotes allow patients to adjust their hearing instruments or go in and out of streaming mode if they desire.

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