Smaller hearing aids. Big benefits.

The newest addition to our growing family of tiny and nearly invisible Xino RICs, Xino Classic is a sleek and sturdy RIC 312 that gives patients the technology they need and the control they want.

Xino Classic includes noise management, simple controls, feedback cancellation, and simple directional settings.

Our Xino line is rounded out with our RIC 10, which is still our smallest hearing aid, offering a discreet option for patients with mild to severe hearing loss.

Xino Classic Features:

Feature Benefit
Bluwave 3.0 Taking advantage of 3 Series’ open architecture, the BluWave 3.0 operating system provides the foundation to concurrently run other applications necessary to eliminate noisy artifacts while characterizing the frequency and intensity of input sources. By providing more accurate control of critical hearing aid parameters, BluWave 3.0 has enabled enhancements to many of our already leading performance features — giving 3 Series hearing aids the ability to more naturally eliminate feedback, deliver optimal performance in noise, and better manage power, telephone performance, directional hearing and data.
Voice iQ² Our newest version of our revolutionary noise reduction and speech preservation system, Voice iQ² applies variable noise adaptation faster than ever before, providing improved speech clarity, even in the noisiest environments.
InVision Directionality³ InVision Directionality³ has been enhanced to provide smooth and accurate transitions in every environment using dynamic directional switching.
Spectral iQ Replicates hard-to-hear high frequency sounds in lower frequencies, designed to enhance and expand audibility.
Music & Television Processing Adjusts to the preset music and TV listening settings most comfortable for you.
HydraShield®² We added advanced oleophobic properties to our HydraShield nanocoating to better protect Xino hearing aids from earwax and other oily substances. The result is HydraShield, a new oleophobic nanocoating that, combined with Xino’s unibody construction and smart component placement, makes them more reliable and durable than ever before.
Purewave Feedback Eliminator3 A new initialization protocol provides a more natural approach to combat feedback, identifying, classifying and eliminating annoying whistling and buzzing in all environments. And with 28dB of added stable gain, patients experience feedback-free and comfortable listening no matter what they’re doing.

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